Health and Wellness Action Plan

Health and Wellness Action Plan

Burnaby has the potential to be the healthiest city in Canada. With abundant natural park lands and exceptional doctors and nurses, all residents should be empowered to live healthy lifestyles. The last place anyone wants to end up is in the hospital.

The role of Mayor should be fostering wellness by ensuring residents have adequate access to amenities like community centres, health care services closer to home, and a long overdue rejuvenated Burnaby Hospital.

Guiding Principle

  • Burnaby must be a leader and an engaging partner in realizing a highly active and healthy community.


Specific Actions

We fully acknowledge the leadership and responsibility of the provincial government and Fraser Health in the provision of health care. But we can help and be a partner in many ways.

A Mayor’s Council on Health and Wellness: Burnaby is home to top notch doctors, nurses, and wellness professionals who are dedicated to providing the best care for residents. Bringing these experts together, this council will explore issues and suggest creative solutions that will benefit our community.

Burnaby Hospital: At times, Burnaby residents will have family and friends in hospital. The last thing people should have to worry about when visiting these loved ones is running to feed the parking meter or risk getting a parking ticket. Like Delta, and recently in Campbell River and Comox, Burnaby will take steps to:

  • Explore avenues working towards FREE parking for Burnaby residents at Burnaby Hospital following discussions with Fraser Health Authority.

Community Care: We need to have health care services closer to Burnaby’s community hubs like Lougheed and Edmonds, closer to where families and seniors live and spend their time.

We will:

  • Engage with doctors, nurses, health professionals, community care providers and Fraser Health on their provision of integrated and coordinated services at community hubs and work to address the economic realities they may encounter.

Burnaby Hospital Foundation: These volunteers work tirelessly to both engage and enable Burnaby communities to improve health care experiences and outcomes including effective and innovative care close to home. 

We will:

  • Work with the Burnaby Hospital Foundation so that the City of Burnaby could match funds raised by the community, to a maximum of $1 million per year, over a five year period for specific medical equipment that is required now, in the new Burnaby Hospital and within future community care hubs.


Burnaby Hospital: Fraser Health Authority is completing the business plan for a rejuvenated Burnaby Hospital. Capital costs for the province were stated as being in the range of $285 to $622 million or more.

We will:

  • Work closely with health authorities to facilitate a speedy process, so construction can be completed without any undue delay.
  • Work with doctors and community health experts to foster Burnaby Hospital becoming a centre of excellence in the provision of specific care functions.

    Health experts have commented on the range for opportunities for excellence including: orthopaedics, respiratory care, advanced breast screening, diabetes, kidney transplants and a potential centre for acute care for the elderly. The Ministry of Health, Fraser Health and their experts will lead in such determinations.


Active lifestyles and ParticipACTION: An active community – through sports, fitness centres, community centres, school programs and general physical activity can make a real difference in individual health and overall health wellness. 

We will:

  • Work with Burnaby teachers, the school board and the Ministry of Education to look at activity programs for students and to determine health education goals and opportunities for young people and their families.

  • Build capacity at our community centres. Burnaby’s community centres are overflowing and are not meeting the needs of our residents. They are crowded, aging, and inadequate. Further, our parks and recreational assets must be maintained, protected and able to meet growing demand, becoming anchors for increased physical activity.

  • Support Burnaby’s community sports organizations by ensuring they have quality sport fields and facilities such as ice rinks so they can fully meet demands of our community.

Explore with ParticipACTION, our sports clubs, community centre staff and health providers the opportunity to establish goals and programs that would make Burnaby a leader in community activity and health wellness.