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Feeling safe at home and in community is a base expectation for everyone. Burnaby is falling behind and needs to step up and deliver.

My goals: make our transit stations, parks and streets safer and ensure adequate policing. I will also listen to residents on local issues like crosswalks and neighbourhood safety.

We must give full support to the province and Fraser Health to realize the expansion and upgrading at Burnaby Hospital.  I will also work to ensure our Ambulance services are able to respond very quickly to those in need of urgent care.

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  • dale cornish
    commented 2018-09-21 11:31:43 -0700
    Burnaby Fire Department Releases Comprehensive … – City of Burnaby…/Fire+Department+Comprehensive+Risk+Analysis.pd

    May 13, 2015 – significant potential public and environmental dangers associated with Kinder Morgan’s proposed expansion of the Burnaby Mountain Tank ..

    .Burnaby Tank Farm | Concerned Professional Engineers

    We wish to express our concern that Kinder Morgan and the Federal and … City of Burnaby Fire Department, entitled “Trans Mountain Tank Farm Tactical Risk …
  • dale cornish
    commented 2018-09-21 11:11:46 -0700
    RE: Mike Hurley’s position. How much municipal land is held by Burnaby? Are these lands going to be opened up for low-cost housing project? What are the details for increasing housing, especially given the existing shortage of product? Are there plans to legalize lane-housing, basement suites, allow single-family houses to be turned into duplexes?
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